We are wired to our customers

Thanks to exact lengths, distinctive marking, safe-contact cable ends and manufacture precisely matching the connections, a cable harness built specifically for the place of use can be installed quickly and correctly.

We have fully automated the project-related cable manufacture process, from simple strand production and ready-to-connect cables through the development of cable assemblies to the production of complex cable harnesses with connectors, pins and ferrules. In a fully-automated process, the unit produces the cables defined in the ECAD production data with the appropriate length and colour, cross section and connection. For efficient assembly, the cables are numbered and issued in bundles per assembly step and area.

Our service offer includes

  • Fully-automated strand production incl. marking and end processing
  • Manufacture of signal and power cables, cable assemblies and complex cable harnesses
  • Automated cable processing incl. marking

Your benefits from our automation

  • High degree of flexibility and short throughput times
  • Streamlined production processes
  • Cutting-edge production machinery