To us, “Leading in Automation” means delivering highly-automated and innovative technology and products, made in Switzerland, at any time and anywhere around the world. To this end, we maintain a sustainable partnership with all contact partners.

Our slogan of “Leading in Automation” guides our day-to-day actions – working with our customers to identify an optimum solution and deliver highly-automated and innovative technology and products at any time and anywhere around the world. Our activity focuses on creating consistent, high-quality and sustainable industrial automation solutions.

We do not see Swissness as a seal of approval but as a commitment to our customers and partners!

Trust, continuity and competence

To us, automation also means continuity. We maintain a long-term partnership with our employees, customers, partners and suppliers based on trust and characterised by a high level of competence.

Quality for the customers

We primarily owe the success of our company to the individual customer solutions and outstanding product quality which we achieve through a high level of automation and optimum vertical integration. We support our customers throughout the entire product life cycle with solutions tailored to their needs. We plan and manufacture products in accordance with the standards, provisions and guidelines in force.