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We call on a sound and active vocational training scheme to prepare the next generation – a strong statement that we assume our training responsibilities. To this end, we boast a broad and efficient network in the field of professional development and training and our strong partners enable us to position ourselves in the apprenticeship network and with regard to vocational training.

Our vocational training is attractive thanks to a high-quality and varied training offer including comprehensive specialised courses, such as hardware and software development, control engineering, CAD, etc. We actively assume our responsibilities in the field of vocational training and support the qualification process of the different professions with qualified employees through expert activities.

We firmly believe that training and support for young workers is the most important prerequisite in preserving and consolidating the Swiss economy and Switzerland as an attractive production location.

Automation engineers work in fields such as control engineering, energy distribution, process engineering, electrical engineering and industrial automation. They develop and build control and automation solutions. They also work on production process planning and monitoring assignments and create the necessary technical documents to accompany these. In addition to instruments and machinery, they also build automation systems, put them into operation and conduct the relevant maintenance work.

As an automation engineer apprentice, you will work at W. Althaus AG in the apprentice workshop as well as in the electrical construction, assembly and development departments. You will wire electrical control units and put them into operation, plan and monitor small-scale projects, plan and program memory-programmable controls (MPC) and localise and resolve faults on the machines.

Job description for an automation engineer with EFZ


Automatic system fitters assemble, service and repair electronic systems and devices or manage corresponding production processes. They also deal with electrical connections and the cabling of control units and machinery. They can locate simple faults on machines and remedy these on their own. In the 3rd year of the apprenticeship, they specialise in the assembly of electrical machines, electrical installations, electronic equipment and informatics equipment as well as metal refining.

The two-year basic training incorporates the manual processing of materials and semi-finished products, assembling modules into installations and using connecting elements.

As an automatic system fitter at W. Althaus AG, you will primarily work in the field of control engineering. You will build and cable small assemblies and complete control units.

Job description for an automatic system fitter with EFZ


Logistics specialists with the Swiss Certificate of Competence have the fundamental skills to manage tasks and requirements in the fields of procurement, production logistics, distribution, transport, waste disposal and warehousing. You advise customers and help design processes in the fields of communication and informatics. Logistics specialists have the practical and technical manual skills to perform individual tasks competently and independently and are interested in organisational and planning tasks. In particular, they demonstrate a customer-friendly attitude, social commitment, the appropriate degree of flexibility and physical resilience.

At W. Althaus AG, you will be trained in the field of warehousing. This course trains experts in receiving goods, performing in-house transport, warehousing, order picking and shipping goods of every kind. They conduct stock inventories and ensure the optimum implementation of requirements for the trouble-free flow of goods.

Job description for a logistics specialist with EFZ


Business administrators in the mechanical engineering, electrical and metal industry (MEM) work in the fields of administration, transport, purchasing and sales as well as human resources, finance and accounting. They must identify customer needs and make targeted use of their product knowledge. Business administrators work in close cooperation with experts from other departments, engineers, suppliers and production managers.

At W. Althaus AG, you will organise meetings, trips and business events, write letters and reports, help us in preparing for trade fairs and conduct various analyses. In cooperation with the purchasing department, you will guarantee that the necessary resources are always available to the production department. In the HR Department, you will support the recruitment process while also dealing with payment transactions and much more in the accounts department. Your tasks will also include handling the switchboard and reception.

Job description for a business administrator with EFZ


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Job title

Length of Apprenticehsip



Automation engineer with EFZ (Swiss Certificate of Competence)

4 years


Automatic system fitter with EFZ (Swiss Certificate of Competence)

4 years


Logistics specialist with EFZ (Swiss Certificate of Competence)

3 years


Business administrator with EFZ (Swiss Certificate of Competence)

3 years



Documents to be enclosed when applying to W. Althaus AG

  • Cover letter
  • CV
  • Recent photo
  • Copies of certificates for the last 2 school years
  • Copy of the multi-check basic test

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During a trial apprenticeship, young people have the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the job and our company. If you are interested in the possibility of completing a vocational training at W. Althaus AG, you must first complete a trial apprenticeship.

Trial apprenticeship contact partner

W. Althaus AG
Mr Roland Rebecchi
Leiter Berufsbildung
Jurastrasse 12
4912 Aarwangen
Direct line: +41 62 919 82 19
E-mail: roland.rebecchi@althaus-ag.ch